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Mission - Part 2

We do want to help those in need, as the Lord Jesus did; it is simply a matter of Christian love, but there is a greater need of which we must not lose sight. One that mankind has been unable to resolve. The oldest problem of all. The problem of sin; of hate, violence, theft, injustice. Of broken homes and suffering children. A problem that effects all levels of society. From those who have little education to the world's best.

Man's oldest and greatest problem is one of the heart. It is not God that commanded men steal or cheat on their families, it is rather something that springs from the heart of men and women who have rejected God's authority. We would that men would know the transforming grace of God. A God who saves and heals the broken hearted. A God who loves despite our pride and disobedience. The Lord Jesus died and rose again to make this possible.

Many are ready to follow moral principals of their own creation but we would that men would submit themselves to Christ. As missionaries our mission is to make disciples of Christ. We are not in Peru to establish more churches for a particular "Christian" denomination, or even to create lists of converts. Our desire and commission is to make disciples of the Lord Jesus. Those who have come to know and to walk with the Lord Jesus.

Creating disciples means sharing the gospel, but it also means taking time to teach new believers to "observe all that that he has commanded." Not what men have established but what the Lord Jesus has commanded in his Word, for Jesus said, "If anyone loves me, he will keep my word." (John 14:23) As Christians we can fulfill the Lord's commission in many different ways and places, but Christ has brought us here and this is our mission!

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